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Robert's Ramblings is a series of essays that I wrote on topics of interest. These were also published in an occasional newsletter by the same name. The newsletter was published, as Scott Adams says about his Dilbert Newsletter, "roughly, whenever I feel like it". The files are primarily in pdf format, but where possible, a smaller html file is available by clicking on "html version'. By and large most of what I would have written as Robert's Ramblings is now found in my blog.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop [html version]
Just when we get clear music, someone wants to make it noisy again

Harry Potter and His Tattoo  [html version]
Integrity and Rule Breakers

Memories of 11 Sep 2001  [html version]
Reflections on 11 September 2001 from where I was

Just a Little More Time  [html version]
A Mississippi Legislator asks for a little more time to do the job that should have been long ago

Don't help others but help yourself  [html version]
Sunset Coral Elementary School teaches that students should only help themselves--shame on them

Never Give Up  [html version]
A sermon given to Trinity Presbyterian Church in July 2001

Salter, Sowell, and Symbols  [html version]
Another take on the Mississippi flag issue

The War, The Flag, and a Bumper Sticker
Why Mississippi needs to change the state flag

Those Whom we Have Forgotten
Thoughts on those who fought the wars that have passed